The “American Dream” is known for the different opportunities it can bring to your life, but the most important fact is to grow as a person and get a college education. For foreign students a scholarship could be the support needed to pursue that dream. In United States there are many different scholarships that an international student could apply.


These financial aids are offered to students who play a specific sport at a really high level. The student-athlete will be part of the team, and represent the University in a College competition, they will be treated as professional athletes. They will also be asked to be a role model academically and get some minimum grades in every course to be able to play for the team.
The scholarships could be complete or partial, it could cover tuition, housing, meals, books, etc. The average percentage for athletics scholarships covers around 70% of the expenses of the student.


Most of the American universities offer a great variety of scholarships and financial aids for the students. There is a huge demand of those scholarships from local and foreign students. The percentage would depend of many aspects, each University has their own requirements and preferences. It may vary according to high school grades, SAT score, family situation, personal aspects, special skills, etc. The amount covered could go from $1,000 to $40,000.


Some universities are really interested in the diversity of nationalities and cultures, so they offer financial aid to international students from all around the world. Even though these scholarships are a big support to reduce expenses, they are not full scholarships, that means that the students should pay part of the tuition and living expenses. Transcripts, SAT and TOEFL scores could play an important role in the amount of these scholarships.The tuition could go down to around $15,000 annually.