All universities have student residences, known as “dorms” and are usually located within the university campus. Each university is different and residences can offer bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, both public and private. Dorms often offer common areas of entertainment, laundry and 24 hour care. This accommodation option is the most recommended, because it is a great experience for international students as it can get to make friends, sharing experiences and learning other cultures and traditions with students from other parts of the world. Universities provide a personal questionnaire to each student, to assign roommates with similar habits and preferences.


In case of student-athletes, the University provides the housing for athletes living with their teammates, to enhance the relationship and life together. The universities are concerned that the housing of their athletes meet the right conditions to facilitate academic and athletic performance. They usually have study rooms and guardians who attend athletes, and help them with homework and exams.


Some colleges offer international students the opportunity to stay with local families, mainly to improve their English and learn the American culture as a member of the family. This option is recommended for young students. Students should be aware that they will have to adapt themselves to the customs and norms of the family.


Another place to stay, less common in freshman or sophomore, is renting apartments around the campus. It is recommended for students in masters or post-graduate courses . ACSA provides advice on finding apartments according to the preferences of the students.